Bellagio Home Interior Design

Alain Wong

Interior Space and Exhibition Design Bellagio Home Interior Design by Alain Wong ‘The sea after the storm works better to bring you peacefulness than simply a calm water’ Alain, the designer said. Maybe that is the perfect line that explain our expectation on our homes. In a pace as busy as Hong Kong, A comfort and cozy home help us to put aside a day-long hard work, give us a place to share every moments with my loved ones and the coming challenges. This is the main reason why the owner choose this flat in Bellagio with a fascinating sea view. The couple thinks the sea is a source of inspiration and also a media that works well to balance his busy works and private life. The sofa is placed facing the bay window so the owner can sit there any time with his wife for a moment of calm. They also love to sit at the cushion-coated windowsill for a few lines of a book. The design focus on linings and ratio and improve the space management through different materials and colors.


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